Oracle Linux is Graded B....should this change?

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I’ve been avoiding RH/etc for over a decade now…

I really don’t want to be pedantic, but you pay for the control panel itself, not for Ubuntu compatibility forever and ever.

It would hit me just as hard if Ubuntu support was dropped, but in that case you just have to bite the bullet and switch to another OS or swap *min for another panel.

We pay for compatibility just like you would pay for any other software compatibility.
But @Joe has mentioned this more than a few occasions. We have no other choice but to move on at this point.

I believe we all “bit the bullet” with centos don’t you think? Won’t be taking our chances with so called Rocky…

It’s going to be hard to get away from. RH pretty much owns the server space. The support cycle is hard to beat when you are dependent on customers that paid for someone to set up a website and never wants to touch it again. They don’t want to hear something like their PHP scripts need to be upgraded. For some these nickle and dime sites add up to livelihood.

Why ? there are other options out there are you trying to say RH has done the same with servers as Microsoft has done within desktop usage ? TBF at that point I would give up

That I answered. Plus corporations want support. They pay for that support. If fuels development. People have to make a living. By comparison WM/VM relies on tips.

But why is irrelevant.

I see Ubuntu trying to take over the desktop space in the Linux world. I’ve tried to like Ubuntu. I just can’t.

No worries just think not everybody has the same mindset

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We are not dropping Ubuntu support, and I’ve never suggested we would. No reason to argue about it.

I have never suggested we would drop Ubuntu support. I have said that I think it’s a worse choice than other options for servers, because of decisions the Ubuntu folks have made (and they seem to keep making…it never really gets better).

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