Option to create db at script install time gone?

I upgraded the other night to the newest virtualmin pro and went to try out RoundCube mail. First thing I noticed is that the script installer app doesnt give you the option of creating a new db for the script to use anymore? That was a nice feature to have there. Is there a reason why this went away?

On a side note, if you chose to install RoundCube into a database that has tables in it the installer reports that roundcube appears to already be using that database. It will only install into a tableless db. Not a biggie to me, but strange.


This depends on whether the virtual server can have additional databases. It may also be a bug in the RoundCube Install Script. It’s new in 3.51, so may have some quirks.

The error from the table issue is bug-like. It could be that RoundCube can’t use prefixes/suffixes to make it’s tables unique, so it may not be safe to use with any other scripts in the same database. But the error should probably be more clear, if that’s the case.