Option request

Hi Joe, Would you consider adding the option to allow changing the Webmin administrator account when using Virtualmin’s GPL install script?

Thank you!

What kind of change did you have in mind?

What I had in mind was similar to installing webmin using ./setup.sh, I am able to change the name of the administrator account during the install process.

We’re actually trying to do less during install.sh…so it’s unlikely this will happen.

But, I think this is a really good candidate for a command line tool (so you could easily script this functionality as something to happen after installation). Like we have the “virtualmin” command for performing all actions in the UI from the command line, I think we’ll also be introducing a webmin command in the not too distant future…and then we’d add something like “add-user” and “delete-user” commands.

The thing about the install script is that it’s stupid. It kinda has to be to work before Webmin even exists on the system. But, that means it’s really an awful lot of work to add things to it, and the more complicated it gets, the more likely it is to have problems. I’m in the midst of rewriting it in Perl (which has better error handling, and better ways to deal with I/O from running other commands), and so it will be a lot more robust in the future…but I’d still rather not have it do anything other than the basics of installation (and the closer it gets to being able to run non-interactively, the better.

So, is there a problem with creating a new root-level user using Webmin? Perhaps this is something we should document better? Or is this just something you want to be able to script?

I just got spoiled with Virtualmin’s install script doing all the heavy lifting prepping the server. I was unaware of the complexities involve changing the install script. So no problem I’ll stick with using Webmin to change the root-level account or as you suggested create a script to do it for me.

Thank you very much for all the great work you guys do!

Hehehe…Thanks for the kind words. We do the best we can. :wink:

Now that the new website is so close to being launched (really, this time I mean it!), I’ll be able to start whittling down my todo list. Getting a webmin command built is somewhere on that list. :wink: