Option missing to create database user

Need to create database user and database user pass just like in cpanel.

The only option is to create a USER for the entire domain, and you MUST use an EMAIL address ending in the domain name as the username. BAD!!! I need to make a USERNAME not an email!!

========= example: =========

database: mydb_dbname123

db user: mydb_dbuser123

dbpass: password1

mydb_dbuser123 permissions for mydb_dbname123:

etc etc

Database user CANNOT have access to ANYTHING!!! except the database. NO EMAIL, NO ADMIN ACCESS, NOTHING. It is NOTHING but a DATABASE USER.

Also, it is NOT acceptable to have to DESELECT all these options for the user. Need a SIMPLE AND FAST way to make basic database users.

HOW to do this in virtualmin? REQUIRED functionality.

I cannot user virtualmin until this is possible.