opinions on server monitoring using ntopng and apache server-status

hello all -

i finally was able to get apache server-status working (actually not that difficult) and then came across ntopng:


besides the obvious concerns about server overhead, any opinions on using these tools? i cant say i understand anything that ntopng is trying to tell me, but the graphs look pretty.

Pretty graphs are nice.

I don’t believe ntop is all that resource-intensive (though everything running does require resources). If it provides additional data that you find useful, go for it.

That said, you probably do want to pick and choose…since there’s always a maintenance cost to having various software running on your machines. There are lots of tools for providing stats about your services (including the ones in Virtualmin and Webmin, and more are coming soon after the new theme is released). I’d recommend you play with several options, figure out what your needs are, and pick the one or two that provide the level of information you need in an easy to digest way.