opinion needed: VMP: "Intuitive" vs "geeky"...?

Hi Folks,

both the online movie and online demo are not loading for me for the intro to Virtualmin Pro.

I am considering purchasing this product to manage a small group of domains (under 50), but I am not a programmer, and have previously only used PLESK 6 interfaces for domain management.

my main question and concern: is VIRTUALMIN PRO going to be too “geeky” for me (and unintuitive) or will I easily be able to do common stuff (set up DOMAIN ACCESS for users, FTP for users, EMAIL, WEB-STATS, SSL, MySQL DB’s, IP assignment, etc)

Do the free "scripts" provided actually auto-install common modules like PHPBB, PHPlist, OS-COMMERCE, ZEN-CART? Is there a decent interface so domain owners can log into WEB-MAIL (like Horde or something)?

thanks for sharing any perspectives.


I won’t intrude on the “geeky” vs. “intuitive” discussion, since I have an obviously biased opinion, but I will mention that the video works fine in any modern browser (as well as IE7 or IE8 beta, which aren’t particularly modern browsers, but they work for this purpose), but not IE6 (Virtualmin also doesn’t like IE6, too much). You do need the Flash player from Adobe installed and working, though.

I’ll also restart the demo server. Someone really got rough with it this time (sometimes people get a little excited about having root on an anonymous system and go a little Mad Max on it). The image seems to be thoroughly botched, so I’ll have to set off a rebuild which takes a few minutes to complete.