Opinion-Help question

hi, everyone i had decided earlier in the week to move from Ubuntu to cent Os for certain compatibility issues.

i just got done working 9 hours trying to get virtualmin and al of its dependencies to work on Cent OS 5.1. first i had BIND problems and still do. next i had file permission problems and my website couldn’t bee seen since Cent OS 5.1 has home folder permission problems from the start, fixed that. then the File Browser java applet in webmin no longer allows me to use it since the SSL keys dont match and ends up giving me…

Failed to get language list: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException:java.security.cert.CertificateException:Java couldn’t trust Server

that was one problem.

then the network config wouldn’t let me save the host, “required by BIND to operate”
but can set it on the server itself. sadly upon every re-boot it resets itself.

i tried so many times to make it work by reinstalling virtualmin on fresh installs. like 15 times.

another problem is that virtualmin installs postgresql fine but when it comes to starting it it doesn’t want to run. i dont use it but i would like it running just in case i need it for a customer.

my goal is to have virtualmin running with all of its default dependencies running and working flawlessly on install. ie. postgresql, BIND, Apache, etc

the question that i should ask is Cent Os 4 better than 5 meaning that it doesn’t have problems. i would just like everything working, thats all.

any help would be appreciated. thanks for listening!

hehe this was a frustrating 9 hours. o well

there was one last thing i forgot to mention. i am only running virtualmin on 1 server, but during the os change now my license shows as it has been installed on 2 but 1 is running.

if i change again depending on the responses to the above post will the server be disabled or will they go away?

Thanks again!