OpenVZ Memory management


I would like to get more information on how the memory management is done for openvz.

I have created several openvz machine and even with an attribution of 5 GB of RAM in the cloudmin interface I get a memory problem in the openvz when I got 256M of memory reach.

I used Cloudmin 5.7 but got the same problem.

When I look at the kmemsize in the user_beancounter I got many fail error. Is there anyways we could control user_beancounter within cloudmin ?

I finaly ajust my openvz config manually so I could get access to the memory I need for that vz but is there anyways It could be done within cloudmin with a nice resource interface feature ?


Cloudmin 5.7 lets you set separate maximum and guaranteed memory limits for OpenVZ, at Resources -> Resource Limits. Are you sure the guaranteed limit is not something low like 128M or 256M ? Ideally it would be the same as the maximum limit, unless you want to over-commit memory (which we don’t recommend).

Well on the OpenVZ containner if I check free -h I could see that I have 5G of memory and then it’s almost free… on my host system I got like 8G of free memory, but the kmemsize in the user_beancounter show me lot of fail error.

I’ve put to Resource Limits to 5G of maximum memory and the same amount for the guarantted limit too.

It seems that when we create the OpenVZ instance in the Advanced options the initial options are applied no matter what but we don’t know or cannot control these options.

Also I’ve got an issue with the quota on the filesystem, is there a way to set the maximum inodes on the disk too ?

Which line in user_beancounter are you looking at to see memory allocation failures?

There is no way in Cloudmin to set an inode limit, sorry…

The kmemsize line…

Is there any plan to be able to configure easily all openvz feature like in ovz-panel for example ?

Is it possible to create template configuration file ?

According to , kmemsize is the size of the kernel … not the available memory.

We don’t plan to support all possible OpenVZ features, just those most common used like CPU, memory and disk limits.