Oops, need to change my host domain name

Running on CentOS 6.7, fresh minimal install.

I just set up Virtualmin and want to change my host name. It is currently dream.foobar.com. I want to change the name to dream.foobar.net (.com to .net). I have set up a virtual domain, www.foobar.com.

Is this an easy task to accomplish, or should just reinstall everything? The current installation is only a day old.

dream.foobar.com is only virtual domain I have installed.

Thank you,



Well, if you ever wish to migrate to a new server, you can do so with these instructions:


However, it’s not necessary to migrate in this particular case.

To change the hostname, you can do so in Webmin -> Networking -> Hostname and DNS Client.

After changing the hostname in that screen, then just make sure that your new hostname shows up on the “mydestination” line in /etc/postifx/main.cf.