Only upload the chages ?

I am using the Amazon S3 backup, and it works great.

My only question is, is there a way to make it so I somehow only upload the changes made to the server and not the entire contents of each virtual server?

I know there’s a program called rsync that does something along these lines.

Any thoughts?

It doesnt work that great if you cant make incremental backups :slight_smile:
What kind of access does Amazon offer? FTP? SFTP? DAV?

rsync won’t work on S3 storage (at least not without some intermediary software), as it is neither a filesystem or an ssh accessible filesystem. It uses it’s own XML-based protocol and it’s own mechanisms for accessing files, and rsync can’t talk those protocols. There are some projects underway to do rsync-like behavior on S3, but right now it isn’t possible as far as I know.

We’ll also probably add an incremental backup mode in the future…

See now FUSE over Amazon, which can manage rsync, as it mounts an S3 bucket as a local device: