Only getting emails send from my domain

Hi, I am having a problem receiving e-mails. It seems that nobody can us if they send a domain other than the one we are hosting with Virtualmin (I tried from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, and even other domains that we own). I also tried disabling SpamAssasin; restarted dovecot and postfix, still nothing comes through.

Is this something you can help me fix?

Thanks in advance.


Are you receiving any sort of bounce message?

Also, if you look in the mail logs in /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log, do you see any errors in those logs?


No I don’t see that.
It also seems that it’s only happening with certain addresses (support@; admin@, etc.)
I am able to see the mail logs, but I don’t know if it’s errors that I am seeing.