One ip two servers

I have a problem with the configuration.
Based in the wilderness sorry for my poor English.

So yes, I have an external IP, and two servers.
One of them is virtualmin (
Roads ( to normal web server + ftp + ssh.
How to set virtualmin led to the domain address of and ftp and ssh.

Thank you very much for your help.

While Virtualmin can forward web traffic using the proxy mode (configure this in the “IP address and forwarding” section of the Create Virtual Server page), Virtualmin’s not really designed for proxying (and I’m not even sure if proxying can do what you need for this, since ssh and FTP are not name-based protocols).

I may just not understand your scenario. But, if you only have one public IP, you can realistically only have one server providing ssh and ftp on their standard ports (you could forward alternate ports from your firewall, of course). Web service can be proxied based on name, though.