One domain, Two servers.

I have a server linked to my domain and recently bought a new server for WP accounts.

My question is, how do I link that I domain to both servers?

Well, I have setup the Nameservers/IP at the Registrar, configured on the servers, but when ever I go to create a domain on the second server, I can not get the account to show.

Here is some info!


First Server:


Nameservers: => ( => (

Second Server:


Nameservers: => ( => (

If I create an account on it works and you can see the site, but if I create an account on, it does not work, the account is created on the second server, but it not show.

I hope you understand what I am trying to do,



As a place to start, you may want to browse to, and have it give you a DNS report on the domains you’re having problems with.

One issue I see is that it looks like one of the nameservers’s you’re using may not be responding, which could be a firewall issue, or a BIND configuration issue.

But take a peek at, and let us know if you’d like a hand with any of the issues it’s mentioning.


Hi Eric, thank’s for your help. I must tell that DNS setup is not very clear in my head and I don’t understand all the relationships :frowning:

If you can give me a hand to understand how it work I would be very happy.

What I try to made:

  1. Until now I run just one server, and with him I know to deal.

  2. Now I want to put online another server and in the future a third server, and here I am stuck with the DNS config.

  3. I have one master domain, registered at []

  4. At panel I have setup the child.nameservers as follow:

primus.hostomic => - to be used as hostname and primary nameserver for first server => - to be used as nameserver for first server => - to be used as nameserver for first server => - to be used as hostname and primary nameserver for second server => - to be used as nameserver for second server (eth0) => - - to be used as nameserver for second server (eth1) for the moment is down -

  1. all above declarated NS are anounced for parent domain in NameServer -

  2. First server is running from few years without problem, updated at Ubuntu 12.04.1

  3. Second server, just installed with over Ubuntu 12.04.1 and made all configs from virtualmin setup OK.

  4. Now I managed to get to work one domain pointed to second server, and seams to be ok. (

  5. But the I can’t get the hostname to work (

  6. The maindomain ( is configured on first server and I put in DNS zone an A record for “” to point to the IP of the second server.

Now I don’t figure where is wrong in settings :frowning: why the the is not working and why the ns3 for example is not working too.
I don’t know where and for what to look.

ps. ahh as a information, first server is behind a Cisco firewall, and second server with other IP class is not behind the Cisco.

If you need some private info, please PM me,
Thank’a a lot