One database for multiple domains

I am a little new to Virtualmin and i really like this piece of software…well done made, my compliments!

I have a, a ratter simple, question, i guess, but i don’t know how to handle it.

I have a domain (shop) running with a database and that runs really smooth. Now i want to make more domains (shops) which uses the database of the first domain (for stock issues), but the original domain name must not been seen in the browser.

So lets say the first domain is Now i want to add into virtualmin which uses the database of But when they go to, the domain name must stay

Is there any simple instruction how to set this? All virtual servers gets their own ip.

Hopefully someone can point me to the right direction. I would be extremely thankful for it.

Nobody who wants to help me?

I found this on when searching for “sharing databases using virtualmin domains”