on virtualmin GPL, can i get the redmine package?

just started on virtualmin GPL and its great, and i dont think i need the full version at this point, however i would love to get the redmine install script, is there anyway to get this, or buy it separately?


It’s unfortunately not possible to get just one Install Script, and that particular one isn’t available for Virtualmin GPL.

That said – we have a bear of a time with that particular Install Script :slight_smile: We’ve been considering moving it into an “experimental” tree, as there’s frequent problems with it and the numerous dependencies it requires.

Out of curiosity though, which distro/version were you planning to run it on?


hehe, yes redmine is a tricky one! i just got it working on my system though! ubuntu 10.04 on nginx/postgress, along side apache with proxies. phew :slight_smile:

so wont be needing the script, thanks for the reply! hope it gets to working in the future. i found that many problems come just from versions and updates. in my case a version update was using a different key file, etc etc.
built by programmers for programmers i guess!