Old rack hosting

Hi to te community!

Several days ago I d suddenly became the owner of half-broken old blade server rack. Casualities aside, 4 old Xeon blades with 1 Gb RAM each (one got 2 Gb oddly) are connected to common bus which provides common SCSI (each blade also has old SATA connector , too) & - funny - Ethernet port for each blade, My business involves some internal web-hosting, so, as I ve managed to run Linux on every blade (independently, using on-board SATA), I m considering utilizing the rack for this purpose.

I m used to use Webmin, but not familiar with Virtualmin and would appreciate nay help on setting everything up.

First, idk if I d create Webmin cluster to keep blades similar and managed from one screen? If yes, should I set it before installing Virtualmin? Second, can Virtualmin help me do without unneccessary sophistications and manage blades itself? Please, do provide me with the correct algorithm of setting this rarity to work. Hosted sites are very different: from the boss’ “MY PAGE” :smiley: to working small e-store and kinda primitive CRM app (same php+sql), ~15 in total. Afaik, blade power is enough to run this zoo well, so I just lack the best advice on “how to”, please.



P.S. routing switch does all out of rack job well enough.

Hi @ioxxx or anton :slight_smile:

great, well virtualmin/webmin does provide something like cluster management or something you can call like it… since you are business - so do speaking my self I am, I would and could help you for some fees - you understand it, since you are business, you are here to make money… so well speaking to you I would rather point you to virtualmin guys in premium support and then towards me.

Have nice day and my best regards!

Sorry, @unborn, but u mistook “Business” for “earning money”

Sad, but if I dont set up Web/Virtmin, I just sell the hardware and persuade the boss to move to paid hosting for several euroes a month. That WOULD be business you mean - I earn a hundred or two (or even 50) for the rack, indeed. And forget a filthy forum where GPL software secrets and how-tos are soo guarded by hi-end Debian fun fans ;-))

Best of, buddy


AH you dont have to be sad… we all understand the costs… I am sole trader - no boss no company, yet I understand you… as you said “That WOULD be business you mean” - well to me you looks like fXXcing parasite here to get as much as free from gpl version or gpl… - let me tell you, no one will help you in open source community for free as we did - no more. also as you mention this "forget a filthy forum where GPL software secrets " - nah no one have secrets here… we are intelligent beings… you are users… and yes i am debian user - not an fan… I just like it for stability “buddy” also I am business user as you are - if you do not make enough for living - change the job man.

if you are continue to be arrogant like this due to your idiocy - good luck. as you said in your own words “filthy forum” - I and we are not filthy, we are open source and we are the future… not you and your kinds… have a great day. lioxxx

earning money = business no? I help here many hours after my linux business hours… for free… let me hear you and tell you… we are not filthy !

you offended me and I guess whole open source community - good luck with solving your pathetic behaviour and issues… for my self I would say to you: f0ck 0ff you tw@t - also show this to your boss - you are all expecting making money on something great created by community and hard working individuals, great! - I hope so your business die soon or later lolz. lets make sh!t great again lol.

if your are business be supportive and be open source! support the devs and give them some love back from your business… in end of the day - you making money on their hard times… and please do not come back with bollox like you earn 1 euro or whatever… you can set up your own hosting for much less, you know it. all I am saying is to be fair to vitrualmin folks open the support ticket to them - they will help you in no time, not like us as you called filthy forum or if you do not like it - please go and pay some licence or try some other open project - just don’t abuse this one - as you are business - please be business and pay back in support to virtualmin folks for actual support and open the bloody ticket… or hire freelancers…

anyway good luck tw@t - I wont be responding to this any more. Remember its not 90s and freaking wake up :slight_smile:

I read the person’s message as “If you won’t do it for me, then you can’t be good people” sort of thing. It’s very common these days sadly - generally in life.

I’m also surprised (maybe I should stop being surprised) how little folk appear (and it could be just that - appear - but actually are) to be Googling or researching stuff about Linux basics or Sysadmin stuff. Or maybe this is how it is today and the rest of us are so old skool as to be dinosaurs. :wink: LOL

Did you get anywhere with this? I’m a Webmin user since maybe 2010 or earlier and got into the Virtualmin a few years ago. I just saw a blade server on eBay and wondered about the things you are asking about here. Like is the box where the OS goes and each blade is managed by it, or does each blade get an OS? How many Linux flavors can handle cloud type computing? Is Virtualmin a Cloud-Ready management system?

I’ve been aware of the Cluster feature since I was using Webmin and launched a second server then linked them, but I’m very ignorant about all of that. My current servers are simplistic HP Proliant’s from the G6 era.

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