Old&odd mail problems: sent mail not in Sent dir and canonical mappings

Hello, going along with “The Three (now four) Mins” for years, but it all started by doing everything by hand (I missed even the install script for a long while :slight_smile: lol ). But i discovered that i hated not be as efficient as possible. Being used to them and starting always from backups I really can’t figure these 2 problems that I have from the beginings:

  • every time I create a mail user for a domain I have to create a coresponding canonical mapping in Webmin/Servers/Postfix Mail Server/Canonical Mapping/Edit canonical maps and filling the fields, uffff… you get it, I’m tired just writing this down. Is everyone doing the same thing? I’m sure there must be a simpler way to get the mapping username to email address created automagically in the file; so i am dealing with all the accounts cause no extra admin can do that…
  • the emails sent from any email client do not appear in Usermins Sent mail directory (I even have multiple Sent directories don’t ask me why, always had them) - same, no ideea here for quite a while.

What files do you need to help me solve these problems? TY very much.


Well, you shouldn’t have to create those mappings manually – but I’m not entirely certain what’s wrong there.

Did you by chance make your way through all the steps in this manual installation guide:


Also, if you click System Settings -> Re-Check Config, does it notice any problems?


… (thank you for your response by the way, you were always helpful), no problems in the Re-Check Config and those instruction are pretty forward so I would mark them as checked. BTW I’m using the install script for quite a while, but for me my config files were working so just restored them.

Any insights on the other problem? I have to clients asking for this.


How are your clients sending email? If it is via a separate mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird, they often have their own separate sent mail folder which is stored locally, or given a different name on the server to what Usermin expects…

They are using mostly OL & TB, also clients from mobile devices, but this goes for all of them. I know it is stored locally, but how can i make the sent items from the clients to also be saved on the server and accessible from Usermin? By default in Sent mail, in Usermin, is now saved only what is sent via Usermin, nothing else.

Thank you.

If you you login to usermin, do you see another folder named something like “sent” or “sent mail” , in addition to usermin’s own folder? If not, that means the mail clients are only storing sent messages locally … and changing that would mean some configuration on the client side.

Back now, with no good news - dropped the client problem, but the canonical names issue still remains. Can somene help me with that? I guess that some script doesn’t exist maybe or write anything for some reson in /etc/postfix/canonical … or?

I really can’t keep creating myself all the accounts for everyone on a 50+ domains server and growing. Also had a few clients asking why can’t they manage themselves the e-mail accounts.


Any word on this one?