Offsite Shared SQL Server

So I have this VPS to run Virtualmin and I heard that Offsite shared MySql will not work with virtualmin. Isn’t there anyway to make it work?


Can you describe your setup, and the exact problem that you’re having?


Hey you again,
First of all thanks a lot! :smiley:

I bought this VPS, they have options for using mysql from their server from not within the server I bought like an offsite MySql server.
By this I could reduce the load on my VPS. But now I installed webmin+virtualmin and I need to set up the mysql server for which I have an ip with cpanl access to the databases. I added the remote host access ip in the cpanel(of mysql server) and added the ip of the mysql server in my VPS.

Now virtuaalmin is able to login to the mysql server, see the image below:

But now if I click on any option below that or I try to create a virtual server, this error saying couldn’t connect is showing up. See the screen shot below!