Odd error, halp?

I tried to install postfix and then my sidebar got screwed up on the Virtualmin sidebar only. I cant figure out how to fix it.

Any help?


Hrm, that’s a little strange.

Do you recall how Virtualmin was installed? Installation via the install.sh script would generally install both Postfix and the related module.

Also, what Virtualmin and Webmin versions are installed now?

I’ve seen something like this before on a system that had a custom Webmin RPM installed before installation of Virtualmin (and the customization included removal of dozens of core modules, making it no longer fully functional for use with Virtualmin).

If you haven’t created any virtual servers or anything yet, the best bet is to start over, making certain that the odd Webmin package is removed (along with all of the Virtualmin stuff). And just run the install script again.