odd activity

Hi there,

I’ve been using webmin for years & years but have just dabbled a little with virtualmin & never really used it.

That being said, my daily report showed something odd today:

--------------------- Cron Begin ------------------------

Commands Run:
User root:
/etc/webmin/cron/tempdelete.pl: 1 Time(s)
/etc/webmin/virtual-server/collectinfo.pl: 288 Time(s)
run-parts /etc/cron.daily: 1 Time(s)
run-parts /etc/cron.hourly: 24 Time(s)
--------------------- Cron End --------------------------

I found a post that described collectinfo.pl as:
/etc/webmin/virtual-server/collectinfo.pl - Builds the database from which the System Information page is built. If you disable it, system information will not be up to date, or will be built from scratch every time you load the page. It doesn’t phone home, currently, but probably will in the future to enable a number of monitoring tools we’re building for Virtualmin.com. The monitoring stuff will be optional, but we believe it’ll be very useful (and actually mirrors, for free, a major feature of one of our upcoming products).

Soooo, anyone know why it would run 288 times in the last 24 hours?


It’s setup to run fairly frequently by default; once every 10 minutes or so, I believe.

You’re welcome to change the frequency – you can do that in System Settings -> Module Config – just set “Interval between status collection job runs” to the interval you want it to run at.