Obtain SSL cert for Apache2 multi subdomains (missing a few subdomains)


I’m facing the problem that i cant figure out to request multi sub domains trough Lets Encrypt It up-on Virtual Server creation.

Whenever i create a new Virtual Server, Lets Encrypt It requests a cert which is valid for:

  • domain.tld
  • autoconfig.domain.tld
  • autodiscover.domain.tld

    Im missing out on the www.domain.tld, admin.domain.tld, webmail.domain.tld sub domains,

    i’ve tried to fix this by adding a ServerAlias to Apache2 in it’s template without luck.

    I know this can be fixed by manually request a new Lets Encrypt It cert for each subdomain.

    But there must be a better way, e.g. editing some Template to include a few subdomains,

    So that up-on Virtual Server creation Lets Encrypt It requests the valid certs.

    Thanks Anyway,

    ~ Joe Doe