NS Log file entries

Hi all, I see lots of “query denied” messages in my name server logs. I do want to make sure the name service is available and serving properly, but this entry appears to be saying that the service did not reply to the query for this domain - which this ns is a slave for. The actual web site the record applies to is on another machine…

Mar 16 10:52:33 ns2 named[3606]: client 12.345.67.8#61637: query (cache) ‘host.domain.com/AAAA/IN’ denied

Is that normal?


did you check your server through www.intodns.com ?
if there are errors, this site will tell you

Yes. Thanks. The name server is not responding correctly.

I think it’s a router/firewall/nat problem.

Okay, that doesn’t make any sense. If it was a firewall problem, it wouldn’t be creating log entries saying it denied an answer… any idea what gives?

what are the errors from intodns.com ?

Hey thanks, we got that fixed… I had some random errant entry in the config file that was inappropriate.

Thanks again