Notification of virtualmin

Hi guys!

I’d like to receive notifications by email about webmin.
For example:

  • A notification if someone makes too many tries to login on ftp
  • A notification if the hardisks has problems
  • A notification of possible hacking blocked by firewall…

Can I set this things? Or I’ve to change some configuration on my linux server?
Thanks for the support.


The best notification-wise UI supported solution, is to install ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf).

There are other way of achieving it, for instance, using Fail2Ban log parser, which is installed by default with Virtualmin install script, and can send email notifications, however, you will not be able to get notifications on the UI side, like with ConfigServer Security & Firewall, for example:

for hard disk health you can try installing SMART daemon (smartmontools in debian)

Hi that’s easy, use bash for that…

This feature is already there and reporting to the Dashboard in case of an error, and in case smartmontools package is installed.

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