Nothing is shown for API list-users command

When I invoke this command, nothing is shown ( domain exists) :

virtualmin list-users --domain --multiline

User                 Real name            Mail FTP        DBs  Quota          
-------------------- -------------------- ---- ---------- ---- ---------------

what can be the origin of this problem? :sweat_smile:


Try reading about the command, perhaps you will find your answer there:

virtualmin help list-users

Sorry but help documentation does not provides any response on this empty result.
And my command is correctly written.
Very strange :frowning:

When I use your command and replace it with my test domain it works perfectly. You must have an issue on your system somewhere.

What output do you get? Or do you get any at all? If you get no output at all, do you have perl-doc installed?

I have nothing. No error, no output…

Even when you tried his command of

you got no output or error at all?

If that’s the case, then you have an issue with your OS. That has nothing at all to do with Virtualmin.

Help is shown :
List users in a virtual server
To get a list of users associated with some virtual server, this program can be used. You should typically supply the “–domain” parameter, which must be followed by
the domain name of the server to list users for. This can be given several times, to display users from more than one domain. Or use “–all-domains” to list users from
all virtual servers on the system. Finally, users from domains owned by a particular user can be listed with the “–domain-user” flag, which must be followed by an
administrator’s username.

That has absolutely nothing to do with what I asked.

Good luck.

When I execute asked command :

virtualmin help list-users

I just have the help text showing. Nothing else. Which makes sense for this command…

It may be not a problem but expected behavior. Those are mail/ftp users.

What output do you expect to get?

Do you see any extra users (but main) when going to - Edit Users: Mail and FTP Users?

Perhaps, you need something like this:

virtualmin list-domains --multiline |  grep -E "URL:|Username:"

Yes, in my opinion the ‘list-users’ command is not the best one for what I want to do. I think she would give me the information on the primary domain users as well.

My primary objective was to collect 2 informations :

  • The disk space (quota) used by a domain (a user / virtual server)
  • The Daily / monthly traffic of a given domain

Has anyone ever encountered this problem?

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