Not sure if this is named right but "subdomain?"

Hey am trying to make a what i think is called a subdomain
an example would be

My domain name is =
and am trying to add

Does webmin support this i tryed looking tho the F&Q but i think the “subdomain” bit is wrong as i was unable to find anytthing about it


Hi Mike,

You can actually do that just by creating a new Virtual Server or Sub-Server.

Whenever it prompts you to enter the domain name, enter “” – it’ll handle the details of making that work.

Whether you’re adding a domain or sub-domain, that’s all the same to Virtualmin.

If you have any trouble adding that, feel free to let us know. Have a good one!


Hi mate thanks for that

Wont that make about tons of ftp accounts ?

Edit = oh Sub-Server where is that options dont think ive seen that one


Yeah, if you create a top-level Virtual Server called, say,… you can then create a Sub-Server under that account called

With that, the admin user for will also be able to administer forums (and any other Sub-Servers).

To create a Sub-Server, click “Create Virtual Server”, and at the top of that screen, it says “New virtual server type”. You can choose “Sub-Server” there.


AHHHH lol i never looked up there :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Eric ill try it

Hmm i get

Failed to create virtual server : A MySQL database named imageboard already exists

Should i try Alias of

I think i have Alias and sub-domain mixed up some where

Well, it’s difficult to know what to suggest, as I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish :slight_smile:

It sounds like the issue here is that Virtualmin is attempting to create a database for the domain you’re setting up, but that particular database name already exists in MySQL.

Did you by chance create any databases outside of Virtualmin?

You also have the option of going into the “Advanced Options” when creating the Virtual Server, and changing the “Default database name” option so that your new Virtual Server uses a different database name, that may help avoid the name clash that’s occurring.


Ok i have a site called which is in the making

i need to add the follow to that

Its a big site we are building and its is All one site

atm i only have as a Virtual Server

Hope this explains abit better into what i am trying to do lol

Hrm, if it’s all one site – that is, if you want it all to share one DocumentRoot, you may indeed want to add all those sub-domains as aliases of the top-level domain.

If you want separate sites, each with a separate DocumentRoot, then you’d want to create individual Sub-Servers.

If it all shares the same DocumentRoot, then you’d want to use aliases.

Does that help?


Yes that does help thanks !!!

You know too much Eric :smiley:
Thanks again

Hi @ all,

i want to creat a subserver with

but i saw that this subdomain is used in the mainconfig from the site. (rewrite rules, you know :wink: )

i edited the configfile from apache2 and comment out the alias and rewrite lines.

when i creat a new subserver with virtualmin is not creating any config file… its impossible for me to uses this subdomain for another webmail client
with virtualmin and without manual editing the config files…

btw after editing the mainconfig file, the subdomain is free to use (unreachable), when i creat an ne subserver i cant find the configfiles for that, because the error log shows only access to the document root from the main site, but not from the subserver

hope you understand me :wink:

any idea ?

Hi again i have to do this

Configure Apache
These are the rewrite rules I use for this site (keep in mind that the ServerAlias directive will only work in the Apache config file for your site, and will not work in an .htaccess file; also make sure your DNS is resolving the new sub-domain properly):


RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^blogs.*
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/blogs/.*
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /blogs/$1 [L]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^blogs.*
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/blog [OR]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/entry.php
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

where would i add that? noob here sorry ;X

in the file


possible your “yourdomain.vhost” or “yourdomain.conf”

you have only one “yourdomain” file… there you must add this

Hi Garog Thanks

i found the file the domain is

am trying to add that info about for
would that work ok?

also that file had my head spining any idea where i would add that info

Many Thanks

can you post your config file please

Hi mate i did it in the end :smiley:
I think :stuck_out_tongue:


Please let us be a part of your solution and tell us how :wink:
i think others have the same problem :wink:

Hi mate sorry for the late reply
in the end i didnt need to add anything it just worked as it was :slight_smile: