Not sure if it's a display error in virtualmin or something normal


See the attached screenshot, Virtualmin is telling me there are no packages to update, and, just below, it tells an update for a package is available.

That may be a feature and not a bug, cleanly separating virtualmin packages from debian packages.
Or maybe it’s really not normal.
So, at the risk of ridiculing myself (a very moderate risk, I learned over time and have long stopped fearing showing my newbish traits, when as a trade I have a chance to learn), I’m coming to report about it :slight_smile:

There, done. Have a good day, all :slight_smile:

Ooops, the image attachment seems to have failed, sorry I didn’t notice it was telling “validation error”.

Here, uploaded to a third-party host :


Hmm, that does seem odd, doesn’t it. I suspect something got out of sync within Virtualmin regarding it’s displaying that information. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your server itself, though.

There were actually a few folks who reported similar-ish things recently, and I believe Jamie may have actually corrected that in addressing those other issues.

Those should be corrected in the next Virtualmin version, which I’d expect to be out in a few weeks.