Not receiving mail in mail-server

**Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04.01
OS version:
Dear users

My server is installed with ubuntu-virtualmin (1.803). I can send emails from the roundcube, but I do not receive any emails from outside. I think the settings/configuration are not correct. Does anybody know how to solve this?
br and thanx


Hello and welcome to the community, @wtong.

When posting messages, you should fill out the OS and OS version lines with info about your system. You have Ubuntu, as you have indicated later in the message, but which version? Please let us know by editing your original message, thanks.

The preliminary checks that I would do would be to see if the firewall has port 25 open to receive mail from hosts external to your network; I would use Virtualmin’s own email interface (Usermin) to send and receive email.

If you let us know the outcome of this then someone can guide you about what the next steps should be. It is always a good idea to mention the domain name (unless you have overriding concerns about privacy) and this enables us to help you with things like DNS settings etc. which can resolve the issue quicker than otherwise.

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