Not more Deliver email locally...

i had 2 domains on the same virtualmin server, and i setted up an option named: “deliver email locally” or similar…
so if i sent email from domain1 to domain2 all ok.
Now i’ve trasfered domain2 on a new server and a new virtualmin installation and if i send email from domain1 to domain2, the domain2 not receive more any email.
Maybe be the old virtualmin installation see the old domain2 on local?
Now i dont remember how to disable that option.


i’ve seen that if i use my isp smtp server, all works great. just seems that my smtp dont send email to old domain in new server.


Is the old Virtual Server completely removed from the original server? If not, you could see the symptoms you’re describing.

Also, if you change DNS to point from one location to another, it could take 24-48 hours until that address is updated for all DNS servers, as the IP address can be cached.