Not exactly a newbie but..

I have made a decision after 7 years of hosting using Cpanel I’m going to do an entire public server using virtualmin pro. I build and configure my own servers and rack them in a local datacenter.

My only concerns are I am so used to CSF for a firewall front end that I might be a little lost for a while with the virtualmin equivalent.

Reasons for switching it up… I love Nginx and I love Ubuntu and WHM doesn’t support it. I don’t see why everyone isn’t using Nginx.

So I might be asking a few unusual questions next month, all the parts for the next server will be in before the beginning of February.

First dumb question, WHM is so paranoid about licensing and IP that I have to load minimal CentOS and rack it so I can use the real IP before loading WHM.

Can I load and configure Virtualmin in my basement then just change the IP at the rack? Would save tons of time away from home. I plan on buying it first of course.

Thanks, this is going to be a blast-
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Virtualmin will let you know when it detects a given license being run on more than one IP, but it’s on problem to move an installation from one IP to another. That won’t cause any problems.

If you happen to receive a message that it detects it being run on more than one IP, it can sometimes take a few days to realize the old IP is no longer running… but the message is safe to ignore, it won’t cause any loss of functionality (and only the root user can see it).


Well that is some good news!
How are people handling the dns, are they running separate DNS server at each physical server? Any chance it will tie in with an existing WHM cluster? I have ideas but wondering how daily users are doing it. I set any new cpanel servers to tie in with the cluster and it just works. What is the Virtualmin equivalent of DNS clustering?