Not able to get SSL for domains because of End of Life Plan for ACMEv1


It seems to get new domains SSL certified by LE, it can only be done through the new ACMEv2 as per LE rulings. However it seems my Virtualmin pro does not
have this option implemented.

  • I use a grade A OS
  • Virtualmin Pro
    How soon can I expect a fix for this? Since the information about the switch from ACMEv1 to ACMEv2 was given by Letsencrypt in march of this year.
    I know there are other methods to require an LE SSL cert. for your site, but if I wanted to type everything in my terminal, I would not use a panel in the first place :slight_smile:

After re-install and installing certbot seperate and the changing the option under Virtualmin Configuration Request Let’s Encrypt certificate at domain creation time? to Yes. I get new certificates without the error msgs.