Not a help forum - stay on topic !

OK maybe you guys don’t understand the forums here.

This one "Virtualmin Hosting" is for hosting providers to post there companies and potential clients to reply.

The help forum for Virtualmin is "Virtualmin". That you post help questions and such.

Please read what each forum is for before posting. It helps all of us in the short and long run.

Perhaps Joe could use a couple volunteer moderators to swoosh these posts away to an appropriate area and clear the occasional spammer away.

Just a thought

That would be nice seeing that people are STILL posting help questions in this forum.

They are posting in this forum because it is the first in the forums list that says Virtualmin. It should be closer to the bottom.

IMHO It might be better like this:

Help! (Home for Newbies)
Blue Skies
Virtualmin Hosting

I doubt that would help seeing they can’t even read english…

Virtualmin Hosting
Hosting provider offering Virtualmin? Webmaster looking for a great Virtualmin hosting provider? Post your offers and your queries here.

What is so difficult about the forum description there?

----- OR ----

Questions and discussion about using Virtualmin Professional and Virtualmin GPL.

Seriously this is just the case of laziness here when they post all over the forum here.

And I have seen people actually ask for help in the JOBS !!! forum.

I really hate stupid lazy people then they want help, very annoying.