Normal updates in Ubuntu 20.04, but no updates in Ubuntu 22.04


I have a number of servers with Ubuntu 22.04 and another set with Ubuntu 20.04.
On 20.04 updates in Virtualmin and Webmin are arriving regularly (Virtualmin is 7.5 and Webmin is 2.013).
On the oposite on 22.04 updates haven’t appeared for a couple of months ((Virtualmin is 7.2-1 and Webmin is 2.001).
Is it normal or something is wrong with my setup ?

I have several VS in different parts of the world some 20.04 but most 22.04 they never seem to upgrade packages at the same time (sometimes days apart) but it has never been months.

For example I have just gone round each one and all bar one VS have just had notification of 4 packages to upgrade. The odd one out is in the US - a 20.04 box - but I expect that will be due in the next 24 hrs.

So I would not blame the OS version. Was the Virtualmin installation somehow different?

It is not normal. Updates roll out to all repos at roughly the same time, unless I make a mistake or there are bugs in my deployment scripts (which does happen, but it would never fall that far behind).

Check your apt configuration on the problem host (/etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualmin.list, I think). I assume you’ve disabled or removed our repos (possibly accidentally as part of an OS upgrade or similar).

After doing some reasearch i found out that it doesn’t have to do with Ubuntu version. It depends on whether MySQL or MariaDB is installed in the server.
Actually the servers having MySQL installed are no longer rceiving updates when upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04, while servers with MariaDB continue to receive regular updates even with Ubuntu 22.04.

That’s only slightly relevant.

We switched from MySQL to MariaDB when going from installer version 6 to 7. So, you probably installed the MySQL systems with the Virtualmin 6 installer and the MariaDB systems with the Virtualmin 7 installer. It’s possible to switch in either case, but it wouldn’t happen automatically, so presumably you’d remember doing that.

But, you still need to do what I suggested.

Could i have an example of what repos should be included ?

Post what’s in that file (don’t post serial numbers and license keys if it’s a Pro license, but those are now in a separate file…but a lot of older systems would have auth info embedded in the list file, so you’d need to edit it to X those bits out, when posting).


This is the file list in the folder of ubuntu 22.04

# deb virtualmin-focal main # disabled on upgrade to jammy
# deb virtualmin-universal main # disabled on upgrade to jammy

This is the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualmin.list file.

deb Index of /vm/6/gpl/apt virtualmin-focal main
deb Index of /vm/6/gpl/apt virtualmin-universal main

This is the virtualmin.list.distUpgrade file contents.

So, the exact file I told you to look at says, # disabled on upgrade to jammy and I told you that you probably disabled it by upgrading the OS, and the lines in that file are commented out (with # in front). What are we doing here?

Uncomment those lines.

Virtualmin 6 repos do not have jammy repos (we never supported Virtualmin 6 installs on Jammy), but the focal repos work fine.

Good morning from Greece.
It worked great.
Thanks a lot !!!

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