Nominate Webmin for an CCA

Howdy all,

The Community Choice Awards nominations are underway. If Webmin (and/or Usermin and/or Virtualmin) is your favorite system administration tool be sure to drop in and nominate Webmin today. It’s a great way to show Jamie some appreciation for nearly ten years of hard work on Webmin!

Last year, Webmin took 2nd runner up behind phpMyAdmin and TightVNC. Both are great products developed by great folks, but I think Webmin helps more people get their job done.

To make a nomination visit the Webmin page at and click the Nominate This Project image:

The SysAdmin category seems the best choice, but we wouldn’t complain if you also nominated it for the Best Project. :wink:

After the 29th, assuming we make it through the nomination phase, we’ll be able to vote.


I voted for Webmin in the SysAdmin category, but I didn’t see it in the list for best project. I guess it didn’t make the cut for nominations…