Nodjs + redis + phpfox 4.2 on centos7 in virtualmin

Does anyone have experience with this and can maybe do a step walk through for the below for virtualmin?

The IM app requires NodeJS and Redis. In this article we will go over how to setup NodeJS and Redis on the Linux Flavor, Ubuntu. We recommend that you separate your NodeJS, Redis and HTTP server from each other. Your HTTP server is the main web server that has your phpFox source code. Hosting Services

There are cloud based services where you can host your NodeJS code and Redis database without having to setup anything on a server.

NodeJS Host
Redis Host

Setup on Your Own Servers

If you decide to setup NodeJS and Redis on your own web environments, lets first setup NodeJS. Node JS

Connect to your NodeJS server via SSH and run the command
sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node
sudo apt-get install npm

At this point your NodeJS is setup. FTP/SSH to the server and upload the folder /PF.Site/Apps/PHPfox_IM/server/ to a secure directory on your server that does not have HTTP access to it. You can find this folder in the phpFox ZIP package you get when you downloaded our product.

Via SSH navigate to the folder you just uploaded. You use the CD command to do this. Example:
cd /some/folder

Once you reached your NodeJS script you need to install all the libraries required to run the script.
npm install redis
npm install request
npm install

Next, rename the sample config file.
mv config.js

Now that NodeJS is setup you can start the process
node index.js


Next, we need to install Redis.
sudo apt-get install redis-server

Enabling from AdminCP

With both NodeJS and Redis installed you can now visit your AdminCP and head over to the IM App: AdminCP > Apps > IM

For the setting Provide your Node JS server enter:

Make sure to change with the IP or Domain that leads to your NodeJS server.

Congratulations you have successfully setup the IM App.