No XEN and KVM support in same instance of Couldmin GPL ?


Do I have this right?
Cloudmin GPL will not manage both at the same time (XEN and KVM) ?

The documentation and separate installs seem to point to that but it would be strange to have such limitations when every other stack as far as I know, free and all will do this.

Thanks for any reply


That’s correct, the GPL version can only manage one VPS type on a given server.

We don’t run across too many folks hoping to have multiple types of VPS’s on one system, but if that’s something you’d like to do, you’d need to use Cloudmin Pro to support that.



Nobody wants to run Windows (KVM) and Linux (XEN PV) guests? Or am I missing something?


At this time the Cloudmin GPL only supports one or the other on a single host machine, while Cloudmin Professional supports all of the virtualization types on any machine that has the necessary software running, including the Cloudmin master system itself.

If you’ll be doing larger scale, and more complex types of cloud-based hosting, Cloudmin Professional is currently the only way to do that with Cloudmin. As with Virtualmin, features from Cloudmin Professional do make their way into Cloudmin GPL over time, but I think you’re the first who wants to run both KVM and Xen on the same host system (I’m not even sure if that’s possible, as I’ve never done it, though I guess both KVM and Xen kernel modules can exist in the same kernel, so it might work OK).

It’s possible to run Kvm and Openvz vm on the same host,

Yup! Cloudmin Pro supports running both of those on the same host as well.

Cloudmin GPL doesn’t support OpenVZ though, just Xen, KVM, and I believe LXC.


Very well, finally you clarify this and will be fine also an update and improvement of the features list of Cloudmin.