No suitable running host systems are available

I just installed a fresh centos 6.4 and installed cloudmin. Trying to create a KVM instance and got that warning:
Failed to create system : No suitable running host systems are available

Are there any logs I can look at?
Thank you


Hmm, are you running Cloudmin Pro, or GPL? And if GPL, which VPS type are you using, Xen or KVM?

One thing you may want to take a look at though are the various options in the “Host Systems” section on the left. There may be setting of some sort in there that’s causing the error you’re seeing.


Hi Andreychek, it’s GPL, because I wanted to try before purchasing.
Running KVM and used the automated install.

I was able to create a new KVM by changing “LVM volume group” to “Regular files under base directory” under KVM Host Settings.

Any idea why it didn’t worked?
Below are my partitions. I’m using RAID 1 btw and used the automated parittion from DC installer (RAID1 + LVM).

[root@dallas2 ~]# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/vg_dallas2-Root 271G 2.0G 255G 1% / tmpfs 7.8G 0 7.8G 0% /dev/shm /dev/md0 496M 38M 433M 8% /boot /dev/mapper/vg_dallas2-Tmp 2.0G 68M 1.9G 4% /tmp


Still we are getting error , could you solve this issue, or guide me how to fix it.

Please read comment of pixel_paul on

This problem could be related to not enough disk space being allocated (I had a similar problem). An LVM partition can only be created in unpartitioned space, so if you have already created a partition you will not be able to use it for LVM.