'no ssh' status for VM with two networks

Hello all,

Since about 3 weeks I have one cloudmin kvm with “no ssh” status. This had been working
for years, and IMHO nothing changed apart from rebooting the cloudmin host (no other network changes).

The vm has two network interfaces, one internal and one external.

Detailed state is:
ssh: connect to host (external IP here) port 22: Connection refused
which is true - ssh port is open on internal IP only.

If I connect manually using cloudmin key, e.g. ssh -i /etc/webmin/server-manager/keys/12345.key my-vm.intern.domain.tld it is working flawlessly.

Cause of the above state, this vm cannot be managed, no updates etc. (doing this manually per ssh now).

How can I fix this? Why did this work for years, but - maybe after some webmin update? - cloudmin tries to connect to the wrong network interface now?

Thanx in advance and greetings

Hi Falko, it could be an endless list of things. An update that needed a reboot to take effect, a change in firewall rules that were implemented for the running instance but never saved. A port forward not working after restart … etc.