No seriously--- WTF is going on with my Volumes - all are fine in GParted but total havoc in Web/Virtualmin

CentOS Linux 8.2.2004
Webmin version 1.962
Virtualmin version 6.13
Usermin version 1.810

As i have mentioned earlier I have two identical Proliant servers and now I sit with both open manually going through settings and mirroring their conf and paying particular attention to the LVM and HDD conf since last time it went to shit due to , well I don’t know.

Server good

Server bad

Both started out with the same. They have identical hardware all the way down to the firmware on the SAS drives.

The BAD is a server that was wiped via BIOS (HPE BIOS, Controller 401) today and I am setting it up slow and careful so both have the same conf.

When trying to remove what I think are the wrong volumes I get:

Failed to remove physical volume :

Failed to find device for physical volume “[unknown]”.
WARNING: Couldn’t find device with uuid YAhGl5-dZT4-q9cq-mEaO-Rn5J-gAc8-XtAVHC.
WARNING: VG cl is missing PV YAhGl5-dZT4-q9cq-mEaO-Rn5J-gAc8-XtAVHC (last written to /dev/sda2).
Cannot change VG cl while PVs are missing.
See vgreduce --removemissing and vgextend --restoremissing.
Cannot process volume group cl
Run `pvmove --help’ for more information.

Now, that is greek and chinese to me. Combined.

Anyone care to translate and guess as to what is causing this?

I loaded up GParted and all the partitions looked fine, this is, AFAIK, only a Webmin issue

Not expecting any solution here, I deleted all partitions in GParted, wiped the drive, and started over with yet a new setup of Virtualmin…

So after another setup run it looks ok again


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