no option to add ssl ?

I saw the following directions for adding an ssl cert to my virtualhost site:

Can I create an SSL virtual host with Virtualmin?

Certainly. When creating a virtual server, simply check the box labeled “Setup SSL website too?” in the “Enabled Features” section of the form, and in the “IP address and forwarding” section provide a new IP address for this virtual server to reside on.

I do not have that option anywhere. “Setup SSL website too” does not show up in the Enabled Features section of my install.

I followed all the other directions of giving the site its own ip address.

Is there another setting I need to change to globally allow me to add ssl certs to my sites?

It turned out that I did not have it globally enabled. When I go into my system settings and turn it on, I get the following error:

Failed to save enabled features : The Apache configuration on your system appears to be missing the module mod_ssl, which is needed to host SSL websites. If you do not plan to host SSL sites, this feature should be disabled in Virtualmin’s module configuration page.

Try a2enmod ssl

or “Configure Apache Modules” in Webmin’s Apache module