no internet connection after installing cloudmin gpl

It looks like cloudmin installation creates a new virtual eth interface called peth. Even after changing to eth0, it reverts back to peth and i lose connection to internet on this machine.

I have a virtualmin gpl running on machine 2 as a backup for virtualmin pro server on machine 1.

on the gpl machine, i wanted to try cloudmin. but after installing, i am unable to connect to internet.

both servers are not behind any firewall/router. they are directly connected to the cable modem through a gigabit switch.

appreciate help

each server/PC needs an IP.
Connecting 2 PC’s directly to a modem is asking for trouble as they would both be fighting about the connection.
imo, your issue can be solved by installing a router between the modem and the switch

Hi Ron:

Let me try to make myself clear.

Each server has its own ip address. I have assigned a different IP for each pc.

The pcs are not connected directly to the modem but to the switch.

About router, i dont want to run the servers behind a router/firewall but be directly connected to the public network/ISP.

Let me know if you need any other info.


as far as I know more than 1 PC on a modem will still give connection problems. For desktops it isn’t a big issue. for servers more so.
the switch doesn’t do anything to prevail problems, its just a switch.