No Glue on Nameserver Records


When setting up new virtual servers, I learned to use to see if I had mastered setting up the BIND server. I think I have to procedure down so that I can create nameservers and get them to refer to my hosted virtual servers.

However, is informing me that the parent nameserver is not sending out GLUE for my listed nameservers, and it further informs me that this means only the name server hostname is being provided and not the A records for the nameservers.

Is this no GLUE problem because I have not set up the records correctly in Virtualmin or is it something to do with how I set up the nameserver records at my registrar, Namecheap?


It’s only a problem if the nameservers are in the same domain as the one being queried. If you want to resolve the address for “”, and the .com NIC reports “” as nameserver for “”, the NIC has to also provide the IP address for “”. This is called the “glue record”.

If the nameserver for “” is “”, there’s no strict need for glue records, since a second A record query for “” will resolve that. That second query can be avoided if the first query returns glue though. That’s what intodns tried to tell you.

Thank you for the explanation. It would be a problem in my case then as it fits under your first example.

Is my failure to provide a glue record down to my set up in Virtualmin or my set up at my registrar? If it is something I need to do in Virtualmin, please could you tell me how to fix it or point me to somewhere I can read about how to do it?

It’s a thing you have to configure at your registrar. The glue records are managed at the NIC (network information center, i.e. the central domain registry), and your domain registrar needs to provide that info to the NIC.

The registrar site where you configure your domains and point them to your nameservers should have some means of entering the glue record IP addresses.