No ftp log in after fresh install centos 6.2

Status: Resolving address of
Status: Connecting to…
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Response: 220 FTP Server ready.
Command: USER *****
Response: 331 Password required for ****
Command: PASS ********
Response: 230 User ***** logged in
Command: SYST
Response: 215 UNIX Type: L8
Command: FEAT
Response: 211-Features:
Response: MDTM
Response: MFMT
Response: LANG it-IT;bg-BG;ja-JP;en-US;zh-CN;zh-TW;fr-FR;ru-RU;ko-KR
Response: TVFS
Response: UTF8
Response: MFF modify;;UNIX.mode;
Response: MLST modify*;perm*;size*;type*;unique*;*;UNIX.mode*;UNIX.owner*;
Response: SIZE
Response: 211 End
Command: OPTS UTF8 ON
Response: 200 UTF8 set to on
Status: Connected
Status: Retrieving directory listing…
Command: PWD
Response: 257 “/” is the current directory
Command: TYPE I
Response: 200 Type set to I
Command: PASV
Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (209,139,209,100,202,74).
Command: MLSD
Error: Connection timed out
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing