No bandwidth column in List Servers window?

OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5

I was customizing the UI and don’t see a check box for bandwidth. As I set this box up my main concern is to see which users are consuming the most resources so I can plan accordingly.

Webuzo seems to be brain dead in many regards but they do offer this when you list domains. Ain’t it pretty? :wink: :


No sorting, no consistent units but it is available. No legend offered so you have to guess which is bandwidth and which is disk. :wink:

Virtualmin Configuration->User interface settings->Quota Used

That is disk quota used, no? That I have enabled. Bandwidth is what I’m not seeing.

What’s the purple circle, though? Is that bandwidth or something else? I wonder how they collect that (we have bandwidth monitoring, as well, but it’s somewhat resource-intensive to do on a per-domain basis, and I don’t think we have an option to put it in the virtual servers list).

Edit: Jinx. So, OK, yeah, we don’t have bandwidth display available in that page. But, it probably could be, if bandwidth monitoring is enabled.

One is bandwidth and one is disk. I just ‘kinda know’ from the general context. But, they aren’t labeled. But bandwidth could be ‘hand grenade’ accurate as far as I’m concerned. Just some general idea what each site uses. I don’t know if this is an all or nothing proposition on the code side though.

It’s either “uselessly incomplete” and easy or “mostly complete” and somewhat more complicated and resource-intensive. Which is why I asked how they collect it. If based on UID and using kernel collection of the data, which is basically free (resource-wise) it will miss most bandwidth usage. If based on log parsing (which is what we do), it’s more expensive. If there were a way to collect hand grenade accurate data without the resource cost, that’d be great, but I don’t think there is.

Problem is that Apache is the only user that’s actually using bandwidth, even when running apps as the user under PHP-FPM or suexec. So, web traffic would not show up under the domain owner user, but under the Apache user. At least, that’s how it was last time we dug into this problem, and I haven’t seen any indication that’s changed (but it’s possible I missed it).

Basically, it’s all or mostly nothing. You either pay the price for collecting bandwidth usage or the usage data you have is useless.

When people were asking me about server requirements I told them it was ‘complicated’. The disk usage figure seemed real only because there is a lot of garbage that needs taken out. Literally dead accounts carried for 2 friggin decades.

The cvs export is in mixed units of mostly mega and giga bytes. I ignored the kilos but it came no where close to that figure.

But, probably why some places don’t monitor bandwidth. Sounds like a deal until you realize they just limit link speed.

I have enabled bandwidth a day or two ago and now see this.

So the information exists. Now if it was under the “List Virtual Servers” link it could be sorted by size.

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