nginx, Webmin, Onlyoffice, letsencrypt


started off today with onlyoffice, and it installs well, and is working on, with webmin and nginx installed.

Since this is my first try with nginx, it took some time to figure out, where the document root for nginx is being located. It looks like it is under /usr/share/nginx/html. here i find a .html file, which is being served.

What i am wondering about is, how to get letsencrypt within webmin involved to get the certs, so i can run everything under https, as it should

Now i found out, that if i place a second .html file in the folder /usr/share/nginx/html i will get ann error like cannot GET index2.html.

Same with the .well-known/acme-challenge/ABC files, it won’t serve them.

When i put that index2.html file in the well-known/acme-challenge folder, it is not being served either.

So , how can i use the webmin creation of letsencrypt certs with this nginx? I wouldn’t have a problem with apache, because i usually get this up and running, but being the first time confronted with nginx leaves me rather pointless. I surfed around different pages, but none of them were pointing in direction of my problem.

Any help truly appreciated


BTW: I told LE to use the folder /usr/share/nginx/html for the process, but this didn’t work out at all either.