nginx SSL does not add listen 443 ssl; to conf, and so SSL does not work

SO I enabled Nginx SSL, added a LetsEncrypt cert file, and the sites nginx conf file had the cert lines added, but there is no listen 443 ssl line added, so https does not actually work. I had to manually add it.

How can I get virtualmin to add this automatically when SSL is enabled?

Would anyone know what may be the cause?

I installed Virtualmin on a brand new Centos server, following the guide here to install Nginx. All worked OK, except when adding a LetsEncrpyt SSL the page did not work. Upon investigation, there is no listen to port 443 in the servers nginx conf file:
listen ssl;

I added this manually in the server section under the port 80 listen, and it works OK.

but I do not think it very good we will have to manually add it each time. There are several of us who add servers, the others are not as technical, I have step by step guides to add a SSL and I dont want them to have SFTP or CLI access to the /etc/nginx/conf.d/ folder to then add the line in, its asking for trouble!

In the meantime I had to revert back to Apache, but I would really like to use Nginx.

P.S. I dont know if it matters, but I changed the setting to save nginx conf files for servers into their own files in the conf.d folder, as it does not sound good to me to have them all in the one nginx.conf file.


Does anyone have an idea about this? I need to move some sites on this new server and I’d like to use nginx but can’t for ssl.