Nginx-filesystem-1.14-9 why is it in Virtualmin default LAMP stack install?

OS type and version RedHat 8
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1
Related packages nginx-filesystem-1.14-9: Nginx and other supporting modules are not installed

I received a report from one of our IT security managers regarding Nginx 1.14 vulnerability. I checked via sudo dnf info nginx* and the only installed package is nginx-filesystem.

dnf history suggests it was installed as part of default Virtualmin LAMP Stack via @System repo

$ sudo dnf history nginx-filesystem|egrep -w 'install|upgrade'
     7 | -y --quiet group install --setopt=group_package_types=mandatory,default Virtualmin LAMP Stack       | 2021-11-15 13:50 | Install        |  258 EE

Is there any actual need for this package if I’m not running Nginx in any server templates? Is it safe to uninstall, and might it be automatically re-installed in the future?

We do not explicitly depend on that, at all. I don’t know why it was installed, and it is not installed on my Virtualmin systems.

yum groups are defined here:

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