newbie* virtual server setup?

I added a virtual server to my setup and everything seems to be good but when I point my browser to the server it opens the file under /var/www/ rather than the /home_dir/public html. Essentially just not utilizing the virtual server.

Is there some simple mistake i have made or configuration step i missed

Yeah, that shouldn’t happen unless Apache is confused about something… do you have more than one IP address on your server, or has your IP changed lately?

If not, what distro are you using? And is there any chance you could post your Apache config file? (or perhaps a link to it – you can always take it down whenever we’re done figuring this all out)


No recent changes to ip address

I have attached my apache2.conf file. That is the one you are asking for right?

I just got done with a fresh install of ubuntu 8.04 and reinstall of virtualmin with the file exactly as recomended by the website. So far I created one virt-serv with all default settings. The only change I made to virtmin configs is it complained of ip address being set to the ip of the eth card rather than the external ip of my router. So I changed it to my ext ip address

My setup is ubuntu 8.04 behind a wireless router w/ switch, connected via eth cable.

my domain is hosted by dyndns

*changed the file ext of the config file to satisfy the uploading restrictions of the forum