Newbie question about webmin users and perms

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere in the documentation. I could not find specific answers to these questions elsewhere.

I have created a webmin user, and restricted access to a handful of modules. I would like to know if a webmin user can be restricted to their unix UID/GID when using certain modules. Specifically, the File Manager and Command Line module. Despite setting up Global ACL, I still seem to have root access to the filesystem via these two modules, with any login.

Thank you in advance.

Would Usermin be a good fit for this situation? It requires no ACL fanciness to provide only user level capabilities (that’s why it exists).

If not, yes, File Manager can be configured to work as a user. Have you looked at the ACL page for the module? I’m having a hard time imagining how you could miss the option you’re looking for…the second option is “Access files on server as user” and the options are “Same as Webmin login” or a free text field (which defaults to “root”)…the former causes File Manager to perform tasks as the logged in username rather than root, while the latter causes it to perform tasks as whatever name is specified in the text field.

To get to the ACL page for a module, open the Webmin Users module, and click on the username you’d like to restrict, and then click on the module name. This will provide configuration for the specific user.

Likewise for the Command Shell module. The user ACL page only have two options, and one of them is "Execute commands as user". Works the same as the similar File Manager option.

Thank you for the quick answers and advice. I haven’t tried usermin, but may give it a whirl for this purpose.

I am new to Webmin, so I just wasn’t able to find the module-specific configurations. Turns out they were right under my nose.

Thanks again for your help.