Newbie/Pre-sale question...

Hi, recently I decided to rent a dedicated server. It’s running Debian Sarge (I know Virtualmin doesn’t yet support that but I expect it will soon?). The server is “unmanaged” but comes at a relatively very affordable price.

Anyhow, my prior Linux and network/hosting experience is not big at all, but with webmin (and occasionally ssh login) I have found it to be quite easy setting up and configuring apache "virtual servers", MySQL databases, logfiles, etc. - basically everything needed with one significant expecption: email.

I started out installing sendmail, but quickly decided that it was too complicated dealing with, so I made a fresh install of Postfix instead. At least it seems somewhat "friendlier" and I can actually figure out some of it :wink: In any case I have gotten it working, though limited in functionality. (My main pupose of renting a dedicated server was that I run a few forums that could need the power. I can send out emails to new users etc., so the basics of Postfix are working).

However, I would like to run a small but “real” mailserver on this Linux server, with a few email addresses for each of the domains on the server, but I have to admit that I’m wondering if all the time I need to spend learning how to correctly and succesfuly set up Postfix, IMAP/POP3, BIND DNS Server etc. will be worth it.

So to cut a long story short, my question simply is whether you think buying and installing Virtualmin would be helpful to me? (I have a feeling it might, hence why I’m writing this post :slight_smile:

Sorry about the long post, but I think the background info was necessary.

Kind regards

Hi Frederik,

I am not a Linux expert in any way shape or form but the Webmin / Virtualmin Pro combination has enabled me to run about twenty domains with a fairly complex setup of databases and mailservers etc without any significant problems at all.

Managing the servers/system I know little about takes about 5% of my time and "that" other system takes up the rest.

On a scale of 0 - 100 I would give VM a rating of about 97 a couple of niggles but even that is relatively low compared to the headaches I get on other systems.

So in other words a big thumbs up.

I have bought the Pro version and it has paid for itself many times already in about three months of use.

The Postfix configuration etc has been rock solid and setting up just about everything mail or otherwise is a doddle.

Hope you find this reassurance useful.

Virtualmin will make an excellent graphical interface for the easy configuration and management of your email server. It will also take care of all your apache and mysql requirements.

Postfix is definately the way to go over sendmail. It is still good to learn about the workings of it, but Virtualmin will make your life a lot easier.

Consider changing your O/S maybe if you want to install Virtualmin without waiting for the Debian release. Fedora and CentOS are definately easier distros for newbies.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies Paul and Bryce!

That is very encouraging, I’m leaning quit estrongly towards going with virtualmin when it is released for Debian (however, I will also take in to consideration going with CentOS).

Kind regards