newbie on board. first doubts

Hello. I am a newbie with control panels and linux servers in general. I have installed webmin/virtualmin on a clear VPS with Centos 7. The installation was fine. I have seen that this sofware is a bit complicated with many options, however all works very well. I am happy. I have installed a joomla website for testing purposes without problem.

The first thing that claim my attention is the ram consume: it is ok?:
Dashborad > Real memory: 837.80 MB used / 3.52 GB total
Almost a giga, it’s not much? it is right?

Secondly, I have observed that php version installed with Webmin is PHP 7.0. I go to:
Webmin > System > Software Packege updates > Only News > And here I found many packeges of PHP 7.1.
Which one should I install? Where is PHP 7.2.8? What other ways are there to update this?

Thirdly, In Webmin > Networking, I dont understad how to secure my server.
In Linux Firewall I got this error message:
“No iptables(6) bootup action was found, indicating that the IPtables package is not installed on your system”
However, IPtables is active and running on my server.
In FirewallD section, webmin display for me a table with these parameters, but I do not Know if all is ok, or I should to do anything:
(note: I have no idea about firewallD and Iptables setup. Both are running on my Centos 7. I think only one is necesary, not both at once)

Service 	ssh 	
Service 	dhcpv6-client 	
Service 	smtp 	
Service 	smtps 	
Service 	ftp 	
Service 	pop3 	
Service 	pop3s 	
Service 	imap 	
Service 	imaps 	
Service 	http 	
Service 	https 	
Port 	587 	TCP
Port 	53 	TCP
Port 	20 	TCP
Port 	2222 	TCP
Port 	10000-10100 	TCP
Port 	20000 	TCP
Port 	1025-65535 	TCP
Port 	53 	UDP

Sorry, for my newbie questions. Soon I will have many more.
Thank you


Yup, your RAM looks normal.

Your system will use more RAM over time, and as the system becomes more used.

I probably wouldn’t change the PHP version unless you’re pretty sure you need it… that can just create unnecessary complexity.

I’d vote for using the version that comes with it, unless something comes up that a particular app needs or highly benefits from a different version. But that’s just me :slight_smile:

Note that the software versions you’re seeing are provided by your Linux distribution though, Virtualmin goes out of it’s way not to provide any software other than the control panel itself.

Regarding the firewall, it’s not normally necessary to make any changes there. If you did need to make changes, you’d want to tweak the FirewallD section and not iptables. FirewallD uses iptables under the hood, but you’d want to make any changes to FirewallD.


Thanks Eric!

Then, I do not have to worry for this error message: “No iptables(6) bootup action was found, indicating that the IPtables package is not installed on your system”
Ok, I will left secure options in “Networking” interface as it goes by default.

Agree with Eric on PHP versions. But if you want to test php 7.2 here’s how to have multiple php versions with Virtualmin. It was written for nginx, but should work for Apache too.